Hiking for families

The Sherpa Steps

The Sherpa steps with its almost 1200 stone steps is a great trip for both large and small hikers. When you go for a walk with children, it is advisable to spend plenty of time and have several breaks along the way.
When you have reached the top it is possible to sign the tourbook (by the mast, before Fjellstua Café – and of course give the children an ice or waffle premium from Fjellstua Café.



The trip up to Steinbøhytta takes almost 1/2 hour from the Cable Car ‘s top station (Fjellstua). You follow the path towards Fløya, and at about the middle of the last hill before Fløya, take the marked path towards Steinbøhytta.
Steinbøhytta was restored in the 1980s and is named after Erling Steinbø, who was one of the founders of the Tromsø Tourist Association, which today is Troms Turlag.



The trip up to Fløya takes almost 1 hour from Fjellheisen’s top station (Fjellstua). Follow the marked path from Fjellstua up towards Fløya. The trip can be a bit long for the younger children, so here you can consider taking the cable car up to make the trip a little easier.


10 tips for a successful hiking trip with children

Going for a walk is fun for both adults and children. Time for free play, joy, imagination and excitement is more important than going far. Here is Troms Turlag’s best tips on how to make the trip with the children a good experience: (source: https://www.dnt.no)

– Make a good start! Pack your bag well in advance, preferably the night before
– Please bring some good friends with children of the same age.
– Sell the tour guide to your children, be enthusiastic!
– Bring healthy and nutritious food and drink.
– Decide whether the goal of the trip is to be out and play, or whether you want a cabin, a mountain top or another concrete destination.
– Talk about the positive hiking experiences both along the way and after the trip.
– Join the game when you are out. Play and conversations in nature create closeness and good contact between children and adults.
– Dress well and practical yourself as well. Adults who freeze are poor hiking company/companions for children.
– Remember to remove layers from the children if they are too hot.
– Rather, let the trip be a little too short than too long and take many breaks.


Photo: Vegard Stien