Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the Cable Car run?

The Cable car runs on the hour and half hour during the hours of operation. During busy periods, there will also be additional departures.

How long does the trip up/down take?

The Cable Car ride up or down takes approx. 4 minutes.

How many passengers does each Cable Car take? 

Each trip normally accommodates an average of 22-25 passengers. We are currently operating with reduced capacity due to Covid-19 infection control measures. The current maximum is 10 passengers per trip.

Can I bring a pram on the Cable Car? 

Yes, but please note that the mountain paths are not suitable for prams. It’s possible to leave your pram at the lower station.

Is the Cable Car wheelchair friendly? 

Yes, one of our gondolas is wheelchair friendly. There is a separate entrance for wheelchair users on the northern side of the lower station. When you reach the upper station, you can take the lift from the platform directly up to the viewing platform and Fjellstua. A companion is necessary. NB: If you have purchased tickets online via our website, you can go straight to the wheelchair entrance when you arrive at the Cable Car. If you present your companion card, your companion can travel free of charge.

Is there a car park? 

Yes, we have a large car parking area near the lower station. Remember to pay the parking fee via the payment machine or the “EasyPark” app, as explained on the machine.

Can I buy tickets online? 

Yes, you can buy tickets online via this website. An online ticket is valid for one month. NB: Online tickets cannot be changed or cancelled.

Can I pay by VIPPS? 

Yes, we accept payment via the Norwegian mobile payment app VIPPS at the Fjellstua Café. However, unfortunately we don’t accept payment via VIPPS at our ticket office at the lower station.

Can I pay by credit card? 

Yes, we accept payment by Visa and Mastercard. NB: We don’t accept American Express and Diners.

Can I bring a dog on the Cable Car?

Yes. Dogs travel free or charge.

Can I bring a bike on the Cable Car? 

Yes. Please note that you need to buy a ticket for your bike or use one trip on your multi-trip card.

Do you offer annual passes? 

No, unfortunately we don’t currently have annual passes. If you use the Cable Car regularly, we recommend buying a multi-trip card. This offers the best discount.

What can we do when we reach the top?

You can visit our café. We serve a variety of hot and cold drinks, snacks and lunch and dinner dishes. You can enjoy a spectacular view of Tromsø and the surrounding area from our panoramic viewing platform. If you enjoy hiking, there are many options to choose between. A variety of hiking paths start from right outside Fjellstua.

What do I do if I have lost something up the mountain? 

Please contact our staff at Fjellstua Café or at the lower station. We will do our best to help you.

Where do I find the Sherpa Steps? 

This is a stone staircase consisting of approx. 1,200 steps, which starts in Fløyvegen (85 m.a.s.l.) and ends on the plateau below Fjellstua at the Cable Car’s upper station (421 m.a.s.l.).

Are the Sherpa Steps open year-round?

Yes. Please note that the staircase is mostly covered with snow and ice during the winter. You will need hiking spikes or crampons, etc. Part of the staircase is situated in an avalanche risk area, so before hiking here during the winter always check or talk with local people.